Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Forgot my username/password.
A: Your login information was emailed to you at the time of sign up from Epoch. Check your emails for the subscription confirmation. Also you can look up your login information directly from Epoch.com:

Phone Toll Free: 1 800 893-8871
Phone Worldwide: 1 310 664-5810
Email: billing@epoch.com

Q: "You have entered a bad username or password." error message when logging into the Member's Area.
A: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, so make sure that you enter both exactly as you specified at the time of sign up. After 3 failed login attempts, the security system will lock you out. It will reset after 30 minutes. Wait and try again. If it still doesn't work, email us.

Q: Can I view content on my mobile devices (iPhone/Androids) or tablets (iPads)?
A: Yes, you should be able to view the content on mobile devices. However, the site is not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, so there is no guarantee that it will work properly.

Q: How often do you update?
A: There is no set update schedule. Typically, the site is updated once every two weeks.

Q: What is the nature of the content?
A: Bikini / nude modeling, teasing and some girl-on-girl action.

Q: Do the girls do hardcore?
A: Teenikini.com is currently not a hardcore site. Some of the models may do hardcore for sites but not on Teenikini.

Q: Can I buy the bikinis featured on the site?
A: We do not currently sell the bikinis, but we may sell them in the future. Most of the bikini's are one-of-a-kind, custom made just for the site.

Q: What do I get when I sign up as a member?
A: You get access to all released photo sets and videos. To see what sets have been released, see the main page. All content is downloadable.

Q: Will I get emails from Teenikini if I sign up as a member?
A: No we usually do not send out emails to members. The only time we will email you is if there is a problem with your membership.

Q: What will show up on my credit card statement when I sign up as a member?
A: To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly display as: EPOCH.COM *swanguinin

Q: As a member, can I download videos and photos?
A: Yes, members can download all videos and photos from the member's area.

Q: What format are the videos?
A: All videos are MP4 formats and available in High Definition and Standard Definition. All videos are downloadable.

Q: Can I contact the girls on the site?
A: We do not give out any information on the models featured on this site.

Q: Can I request custom video or photos?
A: No, we do not make custom videos or photos. However, suggestions are always welcomed.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: Through Epoch.com directly at:

Phone Toll Free: 1 800 893-8871
Phone Worldwide: 1 310 664-5810
Email: billing@epoch.com


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